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A first-of-its-kind innovation in the Indian beauty market by d'you, the eyes & shine reusable under eye patches are making eye care smarter and savvier than ever before. Simply apply your regular cream or serum on the under eye area and layer the patches on top. These are made from medical grade silicone and seal the product into the skin to increase its absorption. It is reusable which means it can be used multiple times and with any product you desire for your under eye area.

Are Instagram-Famous Brand d'you's Reusable Eye Patches Worth The Hype?

Coming with strong recommendations from skinfluencers like Komal Basith, D2C brand D'You commands a cult-like loyalty among customers, and has been on our list of brands to try for a bit. Well, I finally got around to trying their Eyes & Shine eye patches for my perennially dry under eyes. Does it live up to the hype? Watch the video to find out!

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A new launch from the brand, these reusable undereye patches featuring a soothing cloud-print are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. Gently swipe on your existing undereye product and put these babies on; they act as an occlusive agent helping your skincare products absorb better under the eyes. Doing away with single-use masking that is wasteful, these come in a cute tin box that serves as storage space for these reusable masks. Simply use them, wash them and reuse them whenever needed.

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Described as ‘hydration bombs’, these patches are made from medical-grade silicone patches and meant to be used over an eye cream or serum of one’s choice. A 10 to 20-minute application claims to hydrate and plump the under-eye area; the patches can also multi-task as stencils for winged eye-liner or used for topical nourishment over rough and dry spots on the skin. The best part: these products are washable and reusable, a waste-minimising alternative to disposable eye patches dominating the market. It is the finishing touch that proves most attractive. The patches come in a cerulean blue shade, printed with adorable puffy clouds—also replicated in its tin storage box.

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A hectic social calendar can often leave you feeling tired and maybe with a few under-eye bags as well. So as the nights get longer, it’s time to give your under-eyes a little extra TLC. Hence, making under-eye masks one of the beauty must-haves for the season. d’you’s eyes and shine are made from 100% medical grade silicone and act as an occlusive agent helping your skincare products absorb better under the eyes. Use them early morning or at night and say hellos to super nourished, hydrated and plump under-eyes within just 15 minutes.

What is cellular beauty?

Indian indie brand d’you just launched In My Defence, a ceramide moisturiser with apparently the highest percentage of ceramide among Indian products. Shamika Haldipurkar, the founder of d’you, is passionate about the research she and her team invested in, developing not just a high concentration of ceramide , but also the ratio of ceramide to cholesterol to fatty acid to exactly mimic our skin’s natural moisture barrier (3:1:1).

in my defence moisturiser by d’you

d’you’s In My Defence moisturiser protects your skin barrier with its patented 5-ceramide blend. It’s a first-of-its-kind product that uses 1% pure ceramides (which is 20X higher than industry standard) along with a 3:1:1 ratio of skin’s essential lipids.

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Repair your skin’s natural barrier with d’you’s newly launched ceramide moisturiser, which locks in moisture, prevents dryness and irritation. It uses a high concentration of ceramides with patented dispersion technology that makes the formulation extraordinarily lightweight and non-greasy.

Celebrating the Doyenne: Shamika Haldipurkar

As daunting as it may have seemed when I started out, I believed in the vision that was larger than me, and one step at a time kept building this brand brick by brick (figuratively). Today my biggest pride comes when d’you’s community talks fondly of the brand ethics and its high performing products. That’s what I wanted to build – an ethical brand, a loving community and the BEST products; and while there are miles to go before I sleep, I take a moment to savour the positive impact we’ve had in this short journey so far, and that fills me with immense pride.

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When I started my journey as a founder in the beauty industry I saw many other female founders who had built amazing brands before me and even after me. But everyone was operating in isolation, and I wondered why can’t women business leaders join hands to increase the size of the pie for everyone? We decided to do what we didn’t see was happening yet in the industry.

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The bright future we see for d’you and love the brand has received so far keeps me motivated through all the challenges. A big driving factor for me is innovation. I started d'you to infuse product innovation into the beauty industry in India, and that keeps me motivated to keep doing something unique with every launch.

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Meet in my defence by d’you, your new knight-in-shining-armor who, with its unique 5-ceramide compound, will protect your skin barrier. In My Defence’s (IMD) formulation mimics the skin’s natural barrier. IMD fortifies your barrier from within, making it stronger, more resilient, and more suited to protect itself on its own, thanks to a patented blend of 5 ceramides in a 1 percent pure concentration.

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Most of us have always been so perplexed when it comes down to skincare ingredients and actives, no? Figuring out which ingredient can be used when and trying to insert that into your already extensive skincare routine can be quite overwhelming. By creating d’you, Shamika aimed to offer multiple benefits in just a single product, effectively minimising your regime.

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This is what ‘skinvestment’ looks like. This super efficacious moisturiser from homegrown brand d’you is all you need to give your skin a ceramide rush of sorts. Made with higher than usual doses of ceramides, this lightweight cream surprises me – pleasantly of course – every time I put it on. After all, you’re getting such heavy nourishment with zero stickiness, amazing right?

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While it may be all fun and games for us to explore a variety of ingredients and skincare products, our skin doesn’t feel the same way! Very often, the barrier of the skin ends up getting compromised in this process of experimentation and that’s where d’you’s in my defence comes in. It penetrates the skin’s barrier in order to heal it completely by mimicking the skin’s natural barrier composition.

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Shamika Haldipurkar knows a thing or two about challenging the status quo. By entering into uncharted territory with her skincare brand, d’you, this attorney-turned-founder managed to create a place for herself in just two years with only two products in her portfolio. What is it that makes her brand so special? A soft, slow and mindful approach in a cluttered industry.

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A recent addition to my skincare routine, In My Defence (IMD) has been the quickest entrant to my list of favourite skincare products. I use it twice a day and I wake up with plumper and healthier skin every morning. With 10 per cent more concentrated ceramides, IMD is backed by science to work on every skin type – dry, normal, oily, or acne-prone. I am on my second bottle and I am definitely repurchasing it.

In an era where natural beauty has become a buzzword, new startup d’you is creating science-led skincare products

Ivorystation speaks to founder and CEO Shamika Haldipurkar of d’you, a homegrown skincare brand, about their new ceramide product ‘in my defence’, the benefits of using the right amount of the ingredient in your skincare routine and her views on lab-created skincare in India

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The hoarding culture of beauty products hasn’t done much good—neither to your skin nor the environment. That’s why the beauty brand d’you came into being—to address a cluttered skincare routine. Their first product, Hustle, is a serum that contains over 11 different active ingredients and aims for a 360-degree treatment, ranging from protection to nourishment. Founder of d’you, Shamika Haldipurkar, is back again with a new launch called ‘In My Defence’(IMD) which is a soothing and moisturising ceramide complex.

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Putting my love for this product into words is nothing short of a challenge, not exaggerating. In my defense – d’you’s second product is an excellent moisturiser that your skin will get addicted to. Even with a higher concentration of ceramides (than what’s available in the market, otherwise), this product suited my combination skin supremely well, leaving no space for that dry and taut feeling.

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By putting science at the centre stage, d’You aims to dispel rumours and misconceptions that are floating around in the world of skincare. A science-based approach that strives to give your skin the best of everything. The d’you hustle serum is a one-product solution to every skincare concern. It’s a microemulsion formulation that acts like your toner, essence AND serum. Yep, we’re stunned too!

What’s the fuss about d’you ‘in my defence’, their new ceramide product? We find out…

d’you’s latest formula, ‘in my defence’, is a ceramide product (with 20 times the usual percentage) that mimics your skin’s natural barrier and fortifies it. Ceramides, for the uninitiated, are a part of a complex family of fats or lipids that are naturally found in our skin but can also be synthetically created in skincare to replenish your loss. We talk to Shamika Haldipurkar about d’you ‘in my defence’ and what it takes to wipe away chemophobia.

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If there’s one product you need to buy this summer, it’s this baby. Layering too many products during this time of the year can make the skin feel heavy and oily. This little bottle is packed with 11 active ingredients that protect, repairs and brightens skin. You can use it as a toner, serum, or essence. It penetrates into the skin easily and leaves you with a healthy glow.

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This Instagram-famous skin serum is a dream for those of you who want to brighten, hydrate, soothe and repair your skin to essentially wake up to a good skin day, every day. This one product does the job of an essence, toner and serum, reducing the number of skincare steps you would otherwise need to follow for the same results. It contains over 11 active ingredients, well-balanced out to work as an all-in-one solution to give you glowing, hydrated skin. Expect micro ferment extracts to prevent bacterial growth, Vitamins C, B3 and E to brighten and nourish, anti-ageing peptides and adenosine, hydrating polyglutamic acid and soothing panthenol amongst other actives to give your skin the best of everything

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d’you is a relatively new label that has come out with one product – just one, but it’s been taking the internet by storm. Known to make innovative, high performance products using clinically proven biocompatible ingredients, this serum is an example of how one doesn’t need too many products to layer but a good versatile product that does the job. Hustle, is a Face Serum contains over 11 different active ingredients and it offers to take care of a multitude of issues – repair, nourish, protect and brighten. One bottle, no more layering – that’s the dream.

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A multi-tasking serum to protect, repair and glam up your skin in a jiffy. Hustle is the first product from the house of d’you, a newly launched beauty brand. Made in South Korea, the only aim of this skincare potion is to declutter your beauty routine. With a soft, viscous water-like texture, this serum triples up as a hydrating toner, essence and even a primer before you put on makeup.

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A one-bottle solution to your skincare woes, Hustle triples as a hydrating toner, essence, and serum, simplifying skincare and its innumerable layering rules. This multi-tasker is a potent blend of ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide that protect, repair, nourish, and brighten your skin.

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The brand's power-packed Hustle serum has magically found its way into the skincare kits of solid beauty influencers and those-in-the-know. Founder Shamika Haldipurkar has accomplished two things with this disruptive launch. After extensive R&D, she's managed to create a formulation that delivers all your skincare nutrients in one bottle, dramatically simplifying skincare routines. Haldipurkar is also a champion of mindful consumption; the company intends to launch one product every few months instead of offering a complex range that leaves customers confused

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We know you gasped at the price tag but hear us out. This multitasking beauty product is like four different steps in one with excellent ingredients. It lives up to its name. It’s got peptides for anti-ageing and skin protecting, niacinamide for sebum regulation and pore refinement, powerful blend of antioxidants including vitamins E and three kinds of vitamin C as well as resveratrol. There’s arbutin to lightening hyperpigmentation and polyglutamic acid to hydrate and nourish the skin from within. If you’ve been eyeing an expensive Korean essence, then this serum has those fermented ingredients as well as panthenol and skin-loving oils.

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d'you Hustle is one of a kind serum that combines over 11 active ingredients in 1 single bottle which provides all your skin's essential nourishment. 

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India-based beauty start-up d’you believes the number of single-ingredient skin care products have inadvertently created more confusion among beauty consumers and has developed an 11 active multitasking serum to tackle it.

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A lawyer by profession, Shamika Haldipurkar turned entrepreneur and started a D2C brand - d’you in Mumbai. The brand focuses on building high-quality beauty and skincare products for the Indian market.

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This new serum for skin – Hustle by d’you aims to lessen your multiple-step skincare routine and this one bottle concoction fulfills all that and more. 

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