Being intentional with your beauty means - only feeding your skin what it craves, to be unfettered from beauty trends, and becoming an informed consumer. Without the correct skincare knowledge, it is easy to fall prey to marketing trends.

in God we trust, for everything else show us science

d’you was born out of a hope to dismantle the chemophobia that has deeply penetrated the industry. Our aim is to simplify the relationship between science and skincare. Science is evidence based, nuanced, and ever-changing. With d’you we want to give science center stage, and turn the tide on the beauty misconceptions and fear mongering that plagues this industry. We have a science first approach that is not only the foundation of our brand, but is amplified in our formulations. Hop on this journey with d’you to unlearn and relearn everything you know about skincare.

our formulations

d’you is committed to using clinically proven biocompatible ingredients, whether synthetic or natural, but whose efficacy is rooted in science. We focus on the overall integrity of a formulation, test different delivery mechanisms to increase efficacy, and maintain pH compatibility as per skin physiology and ingredient stability. d’you product formulations are thoughtfully developed over long periods of R&D in some of the best cosmetic labs in the world equipped with innovative technologies, and led by experienced cosmetic chemists. Each product has a purpose and a story for why it was born. We want to encourage conscious consumption, and hence the products we make are well thought of and are born to address a market need. We launch one product at a time with a mindful approach to not encourage hyper consumerism. We also strongly believe that a 100% transparency on the ingredients list should be a given, and not a selling point.

our packaging

The best formulations in the world are rendered ineffective without the right packaging. Packaging is crucial in the skincare industry, and at d’you we invest a lot of time, effort, research and testing on correct packaging to suit each product’s needs. d’you chooses packaging that aids in the preservation of the formulation, that enhances the efficacy of the ingredients, and that gives you your value for money in making sure the product stays effective till the last drop in your bottle.