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Meet in my defence, a barrier building ceramide moisturiser that will DEFEND your skin barrier with its patented 5 ceramide blend. It’s the first of its kind ceramide cream in the market that uses 1% pure ceramides (20X higher than industry standard) along with your skin’s essential lipids (cholesterol and fatty acids) in the optimal ratio of 3:1:1. This recommended ratio is the proportion of the lipids naturally present in your skin. Thus, IMD mimics your skin’s natural barrier and fortifies it from within, making it stronger, more resilient and better equipped to protect itself on its own.

P.S. - IMD is also Alia Bhatt's current favourite moisturiser ;)

Product Expiry June 2024
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

  • Pregnancy safe

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Non-greasy and fast-absorbing

  • Works for all skin types

  • Great in all weather conditions

  • Calms irritated skin

  • Light botanical scent

  •  Made in South Korea

  • Reasons to love in my defence

    Reasons to love
    in my defence

    What makes in my defence unique?

    What is special about the 3:1:1 ratio?

    Replicates the structure of skin's natural barrier

    Accelerates the recovery of the skin barrier

    Absorbs into the barrier very easily and quickly

    Enhances the penetration of ceramides into the skin.

    Strengthening Nourishing Soothing Calming Strengthening Nourishing Soothing Calming Strengthening Nourishing Soothing Calming

    Whether you're new to skincare or proficient in skincare, protecting (and defending) the skin barrier is an absolute non-negotiable.

    You suffer from a compromised barrier due to genetics (like atopic dermatitis) or the overuse of actives.

    How to use?

    Press the pumps a few times (10-20) times to activate the bottle. in my defence works on its own or in combination with ANY of your existing products.

    How much to use?

    Defends against skin barrier damage

    Defends against skin barrier damage

    The skin barrier is like a brick wall. The bricks in the wall are the skin cells, while the mortar is the lipid matrix (made up of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids). Due to factors like aging, lifestyle stress, sun exposure, and climatic conditions, this brick & mortar barrier tends to loosen. When the skin cells in the barrier aren’t tightly held together with the lipid matrix, it leads to a damaged skin barrier with cracks and gaps in your skin. When your skin barrier is damaged, you lose water and moisture from your skin, and external pathogens and bacteria can easily attack your skin. What IMD does is - seeps into your skin barrier and replenishes the lipid matrix so your skin cells stay tight and intact together defending against any moisture loss and external irritants. IMD’s formulation has 5 Ceramides (in 1% pure concentration being Ceramide NP, Ceramide NS, Ceramide AS, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP), Fatty Acids (Stearic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Palmitic Acid, and Oleic Acid) (in 0.33%) and Cholesterol (in 0.33%) in the molar ratio of 3:1:1 that together help fortify the skin barrier by replenishing the cellular lipids. With continued usage, the barrier becomes more resilient, giving you smooth, supple skin.

    Defends against water loss

    Defends against water loss

    Acai Berry Sterol is a rare and rich molecule that is excellent at reducing the skin’s Trans Epidermal Water Loss. Acai Berry Sterols (1%) combined with Phytosphingosine (a naturally occurring lipid in the skin barrier) and Panthenol that are water-binding agents - the skin stays deeply hydrated and supple. This combination helps in restoring any water loss from the skin, and in keeping the skin feeling very soft, supple and well nourished.

    Defends against inflammation and irritation

    Defends against inflammation and irritation

    A powerful blend of calming and anti-inflammatory agents – Purslane Extract (40%), Bisabolol (0.5%), Allantoin, Turmeric Root Extract and Moringa Seed Oil – work together to promote wound healing and soothe itchiness, irritation and redness. Upon application, you can expect irritated skin to calm down.

    • Whether you’re new to skincare or proficient in skincare, each one of us needs to and should proactively protect (& defend) our skin barrier. 
    • A host of skin care issues today primarily stem from the abuse of our skin barrier. Our skin barrier is our first line of defence against all external aggressors. If your skin barrier isn’t strong you’ll inevitably fall prey to a lot of skin issues such as - acne, dehydration, dull skin, lacklustre skin, delayed fading of pigmentation etc.  
    • But keeping a robust and strong barrier can be challenging. The lipids that hold your skin barrier together are constantly depleted from ageing, sun exposure, climatic changes, lifestyle stress and so many other factors that can be hard to control.
    • Additionally, anyone who suffers from a weak barrier due to genetics (for example those suffering from atopic dermatitis) can benefit immensely from using in my defence as the formulation of IMD mimics the natural composition of the skin barrier and fortifies the skin barrier by refilling the depleted cellular lipids. 
    • in my defence will first help heal your skin barrier, and then with regular usage fortify it and make it resilient so your skin can repair and protect itself on its own.
    • 20x more ceramides than market standard
      As per research, the concentration of ceramides in a product needs to be between 0.8 to 2% to promote the recovery of the barrier. However, most ceramide products in the market are formulated with lipid blends that yield a mere 0.015-0.05%. IMD contains 1% pure ceramides which is 20x higher than the industry standard to ensure your skin can get the best out of this super ingredient!

    • Mimics your skin barrier
      In most barrier repair products, ceramides have either been used in isolation or combined with cholesterol and fatty acids in the wrong ratio which actually impedes (delays) rather than accelerating the barrier recovery. IMD combines ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol in the molar ratio of 3:1:1. Also, called the GOLDEN RATIO. This is the ratio in which lipids are naturally present in your skin, and research has shown that when ceramides are combined with other lipids in this ratio: (i) the penetration of ceramides into the skin barrier is enhanced, and (ii) there is accelerated recovery of the skin barrier.

    • Light-weight, fast-absorbing and works for all skin types
      Ceramides are: (i) a very expensive ingredient, and (ii) a very thick, waxy and unstable molecule to work with. Therefore, most ceramide products in the market are formulated with lipid blends that have an extremely low concentration of ceramides to control the feel, texture, stability and price of the end product. IMD has been formulated using a patented dispersion technology that allows us to use pure ceramides at a high dosage while still making a very light weight formula with a pleasant texture.

    Can I combine in my defence with other active ingredients?

    YES. IMD can safely and suitably be combined with every single active ingredient. It’s in fact recommended to use IMD with other active ingredients to proactively protect your skin barrier against any damage or irritation.

    Why do you use fragrance in in my defence?

    IMD contains only a minimal amount (0.03ml) of fragrance which is alcohol free and allergen free. It is non-sensitizing on the skin and does not cause any sort of irritation in the dosage that it’s used in. We add fragrance to mask the unpleasant smell of ceramides, as this formulation contains a high concentration of pure ceramides which can be unpleasant in smell. This masking fragrance in minimal quantity gives a better sensorial experience to the usage of this product. We believe in appropriate dosing, and within the permissible dosage limits fragrance is not harmful on the skin.

    How should I incorporate in my defence in my skincare routine?

    You can incorporate IMD into your skincare routine very seamlessly. It pairs beautifully with any/ every product. Use it as the last step in your skincare routine to seal all your skincare actives. If you have a damaged barrier we recommend to use in my defence as a standalone product until you heal and repair your barrier, before including actives in your skincare routine again.

    My most favourite thing about caring for the skin is caring for the skin barrier. Barrier protection is fundamental to caring for your skin, so it was a no-brainer that our next product should be focused on fortifying the skin barrier. 

    When we began market research to see what sort of products are out there and deep diving into a plethora of research that’s been done on skin barrier - it’s functions, it’s impairments and what ingredients help or impede its function – we found one stark thing missing in MOST of the products in the market. While the number of barrier protection products, specifically ceramide products in the market were unending, they were all missing one important thing!

    Several published studies and research papers on skin barrier have revealed that repairing a damaged barrier isn’t as straightforward as simply adding barrier friendly ingredients like ceramides to a formulation. Sprinkling ceramides to a formulation is akin to adding flour to a cake recipe without accounting for the measurements and ratio it is needed in. Without the right ratio of the flour to baking soda or egg, the cake will not rise. Similarly, adding ceramides to any formulation does not truly help repair a damaged skin barrier. Research has revealed that unless you add ceramides along with cholesterol and fatty acids in the same ratio as is naturally present in our skin (3:1:1), you not only don’t aid in repairing your skin barrier but in some cases you actually delay the recovery of your damaged barrier! And when you do add ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids in the skin lipid ratio of 3:1:1 you in fact accelerate barrier recovery!

    After examining tons of ceramide products in the market we realized that ceramides weren’t being used correctly in most formulations. A moisturiser (ceramide or otherwise) will always contain many humectants, occlusives and emollient ingredients in them. These ingredients give instant hydration and temporary reduction in water loss from the skin, and so the instant feel of these products is always pleasant on the skin. However, a user often confuses this temporary pleasant feel on the skin to be coming from ceramides but it is in fact coming from the other supporting emollient ingredients of the formulation. While these supporting ingredients are absolutely important they aren’t serving the ceramide benefit to the skin. 

    Ceramides (alongwith the other lipids) are supposed to fortify and strengthen your barrier for the long term. For ceramides to truly be functional on the skin in the way they were designed to work, they ought to be formulated in the ratio of lipids that are naturally present in your skin barrier i.e. ceramides to cholesterol to fatty acids being 3:1:1. So then, why was it so hard to formulate ceramide products in this way and why don’t all OTC (over the counter) cosmetic and skincare brands formulate this way? A few reasons:

    1. When brands formulate with ceramides they pick ready-made ceramide complexes available in the market from ingredient suppliers. There are few such ceramide complexes and MOST brands use the same ceramide complex from the most known supplier. It’s easy to spot this from any product INCI list once you know the mix of this ceramide complex. These ceramide complexes don’t adhere to the recommended ratio of the lipids (3:1:1) and the total % of this active lipid component (ceramides + cholesterol + fatty acids) in the complex is about 2.5%. So, if you use 10% of this complex the active % of the lipids is 0.25% and from this the ceramide component is merely 0.038%. This % is far lower than the indicated active range of the ceramide component as per research.
    2. Why don’t brands / suppliers increase the ceramide %? Because ceramides are very very expensive. Not just expensive, it is also a very thick & unstable molecule to work with in formulations. Therefore, suppliers don’t recommend adding this in higher quantities to control the formulation cost as well as the texture / feel of the end product.

    End result? Although you find plenty of ceramide formulations in the market, none of these products contain ceramides in the recommended skin lipid ratio, nor in the % which has been proven effective. So while ceramide as an ingredient has been gaining wide popularity, the ceramide products efficacy for barrier repair isn’t 100%.

    So, we decided to develop a ceramide formulation that would truly and actually work on the skin to fortify it from within the stratum corneum and deliver the ceramides into the skin barrier such that they penetrate and repair the barrier over time. And thus we made in my defence.

    How did we go around developing in my defence:

    1. We didn’t use the ready-made ceramide complex. We used a patented dispersion technique wherein a high quantity of ceramides can be effectively used in the formulation overcoming the thick & unstable molecule issue. We used not 1 but a blend of 5 ceramides in 1% purity – a concentration which is 20X higher than industry standard, in such a way where we could control the end texture and feel of the formulation. (The ceramide research has been done for concentrations ranging from 0.8% to 2%.)
    2. We used ceramides in the prescribed skin lipid ratio of 3:1:1 alongwith cholesterol and fatty acids that will aid in correct penetration of these lipids into the skin barrier. When used in this lipid ratio, ceramides penetrate the lamellar matrix of the skin barrier and overtime heal and repair an impaired barrier. So the product is not just giving you instant hydration but fixing & fortifying your barrier so that your own skin can protect and defend itself against external attacks and water loss to the environment.


    My favourite thing about in my defence is the fact that it is so lightweight despite being so rich and potent in its efficacy. With the dispersion technology we used we could ensure the end formulation is non-greasy despite high ceramide content, and very quick absorbing into the skin. In winters you can use 3-4 pumps of IMD without feeling any heaviness on the skin, and in summers just 1-2 pumps is absolutely enough for the skin. It works beautifully on oily and dry skin types, and all skin types in between. There is an instant softness to the skin it imparts, and to be honest I can’t wait to use it in the summers because it has such a cooling effect on the skin, that it’ll be so refreshing and soothing in the hot weather.

    IMD can be paired with ANY existing product in your routine, it can be paired beautifully with Hustle or any other actives, and it can be used on its own for those with a severely damaged skin barrier.