meet in my defence

A one of a kind 5 ceramide complex to defend your skin barrier.

Formulated to mimic your skin’s natural barrier such that it fortifies your barrier from within, making it stronger, more resilient and better equipped to protect itself on its own.

defend your skin

meet Hustle

The wonder serum that took the internet by storm.

A one bottle solution addressing all your skincare needs. It is the OG multi-tasker containing everything from Niacinamide to Vitamin C, Panthenol to Peptides, and antioxidants to Ferment extracts. It’s a true hustler, no doubt.

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meet eyes & shine

A sustainable alternative to one-time-use eye patches!

Made with 100% medical grade silicone, the patches are here to help elevate the performance of your existing skincare products!

shine on

know d'you

With a science first approach, d’you was born to encourage thoughtful, informed and intentional skincare. d’you is more than just a skincare brand, it is the start of a movement that hopes to encourage conscious consumption and an informed approach to beauty.

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geek lab

The Geek Lab is a safe haven for the curious mind. Some of us like to dig deeper and satiate our thirst with science and information. The Geek Lab is a skincare nerd’s library, with no closing hours! We are open 24/7 and all geeks are welcome to read, write, comment, share and start a conversation.

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