How to get glowing skin

How to get glowing skin


Well, the answer is simple. Healthy skin glows. So, we should really be after healthy skin and the glow will follow!

But a more technical answer would be – the skin looks radiating or glowing when light bounces off the surface of the skin. And light bounces off the surface of the skin when it is evenly textured.

So how do you get evenly textured healthy skin?

  1. Hydrate amply

    Hydrated skin temporarily plumps up and the plumping effect ensures plenty of light bounces off of its surface. Plus hydration is key for your skin to regulate its internal functions. So, the key ingredients you must look for hydration are humectants like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol and polyglutamic acid.

    Being chock-full of humectants (over 6% of the formulation!), just two pumps of Hustle in the morning can give your skin a burst of hydration that will leave your skin feeling plump and supple all day. Add these on a damp face for best results!


  2. Slough off any dead cells or build up

    No, we don’t mean scrub away your skin into the abyss! That’ll do more damage than good. We mean – use healthy chemical exfoliators periodically to make sure the dead skin cell build up is not sticking on the skin surface making the texture uneven and bumpy.


  3. Wear sunscreen every single day

    Even toned skin will naturally glow better, and sunscreen is KEY to ensure that any acne or pigmentation on the skin doesn’t darken any further. Just using sunscreen daily is enough for skin brightening as your skin will lighten its own pigmentation with time. Sunscreen also ensures that the lipids on your skin surface do not oxidate and clog the pores resulting in those under-skin bumps. Bumping skin equals skin that may not glow.


  4. Protect thy barrier!

    A broken-down barrier will be an invitation to too many skin issues and a glowing skin will be the last thing you’ll be chasing. Proactively nourishing your barrier is crucial to having healthy skin! So, avoid harsh cleansers and incorporate face serums with barrier strengthening ingredients like ceramides, squalane, panthenol and niacinamide.

    Our unique barrier-building ceramide moisturiser, in my defence (IMD) contains 20X more ceramides than industry standard. Formulated along with your skin’s essential lipids (cholesterol and fatty acids), it mimics the natural structure of your skin barrier and fortifies it from within, giving you smooth, supple skin!

With all that said, remember that skincare is never a one-size fits all. Different skin types will require different things. So learn to read what your skin needs and adjust your skincare regime accordingly to achieve that healthy glow!

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