good grease

Before you start using good grease (GG), we request you to follow the instructions carefully and we promise you a wonderful journey with GG!

Trying a new product can be very exciting, but it’s important to incorporate it CORRECTLY into your routine to avoid a skin reaction and get the best results for your skin.  

● gentle & non drying ● pore refining ● gentle & non drying ● deep cleansing ● gentle & non drying ● pore refining ● gentle & non drying ● deep cleansing ● gentle & non drying ● pore refining ● gentle & non drying ● deep cleansing

How to use GG correctly?


Start by removing the seal, then squeeze the tube really hard, and tap it on its head multiple times to push the balm out. Get an extra pair of hands if you need to, because the first squeeze can be REAL HARD. 

The balm has been sealed in a vacuum inside the tube, so we need your inner 'Hulk' to come out for the first squeeze but we promise that the subsequent squeezes will be seamless. 

Use it as the first step in your PM routine in the manner given below:


Make sure your hands & face are dry. Then squeeze out the desired amount of balm on dry hands and gently massage it onto a dry face & neck for at least 30 seconds. If you're wearing makeup, keep massaging until the makeup melts with the balm.


Now wet your palms and massage your face & neck with the wet palms to emulsify (break down) the balm. At this point you’ll see milky lather.


Repeat Step 2 at least 1-2 times more until you’ve emulsified the balm from every inch of your face & neck. Now splash water on your face & neck to rinse off the emulsified balm and get rid of all the dirt, oil, and impurities.


How often should you use good grease?

We recommend using GG as the first step in the PM routine because it deeply cleanses your skin to get rid of SPF, stubborn makeup, dirt, oil, and environmental impurities that have accumulated on your skin throughout the day.

If you have cleansed with GG the night before, then you don’t need to use it in the morning as your skin does not require such deep cleansing again. However, if you are someone who starts layering sunscreen as soon as you wake up before you do your full skincare routine, then you can use GG as the first step in your AM routine. 

Do you need a second cleanser after GG?

Do you need a second cleanser after GG?

You can follow up with a second cleanser after GG if you feel like your skin needs it. However, it is not necessary as GG is formulated to work as a single cleanse without leaving any oil residue behind.

How to store GG?

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
If stored in temperatures above 40℃ for too long, there might be slight leakage of oil. But this is not an indication of product separation, the product is still stable, effective and good to use.