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We have curated a list of the most frequently asked questions on IMD here. Do take a look before you dive into using the product.

How should I incorporate IMD in my skincare routine?

You can incorporate IMD into your skincare routine very seamlessly. It pairs beautifully with any/ every product.

Use it as the last step in your skincare routine (before sunscreen) to seal all your skincare actives and strengthen the skin barrier. If you have a damaged barrier we recommend using in my defence as a standalone product until you heal and repair your barrier, before including actives in your skincare routine again.

How much IMD to use?

Due to a high dosage of barrier boosting lipids, a little goes a long way with IMD. So, you can start using IMD in the quantity given below and then add/layer as per your skin preference:

Can IMD be combined with other active ingredients?

Absolutely yes! IMD can safely and suitably be combined with every single active ingredient. It’s in fact recommended to use IMD with other active ingredients to proactively protect your skin barrier against any damage or irritation.

Can I use IMD throughout the year and in both AM and PM routine?

IMD can be used all year round! Its lightweight texture makes it the perfect fit for summers and monsoon. During winters, you may use 3-4 pumps to provide that extra nourishment your skin is looking for!

It is an extremely lightweight, fast-absorbing, and creamy lipid-building complex that can seamlessly fit into your AM and PM skin routines and can be paired beautifully with any/every product which may be a part of your existing routine.

How long do I need to use IMD to witness a difference in my skin?

IMD is a barrier building/ repairing moisturiser, and barriers are not rebuilt in a day :)

IMD will not show you immediate or overnight results. But your skin will feel well nourished and soft to touch, without any greasiness. Over time you’ll notice the health of your skin is elevated, and your barrier is healthy and protected. You will notice your skin not drying up or losing excessive water.

If you have irritated skin or inflammation, you can expect instant soothing and cooling of the skin upon using IMD. For skin with no major concerns, IMD is a protective and maintenance product that will prevent your skin barrier from being damaged while keeping it deeply nourished all year round.

Does IMD have added fragrance?

IMD contains only a minimal amount (0.03ml) of fragrance which is alcohol free and allergen free. It is non-sensitizing on the skin and does not cause any sort of irritation in the dosage that it’s used in.

We add fragrance to mask the smell of ceramides, as this formulation contains a high concentration of pure ceramides which can be unpleasant in smell. This masking fragrance in minimal quantity gives a better sensorial experience to the usage of this product.

We believe in appropriate dosing, so be rest assured that within the permissible dosage limits, the fragrance in IMD will not be harmful on the skin.

How do I know IMD is over?

Here are a few simple steps which can help you know if it's time to replenish your IMD stock:

My new IMD bottle doesn't seem to pump out the product

The IMD bottle uses airless pump technology so we suggest you press the pump 10-20 times in the beginning to activate the bottle before use.