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Before you dive into using IMD, we request you to have some patience and follow the given instructions carefully and we promise you a wonderful journey with IMD!

Trying a new product can be exciting but it’s very important to incorporate it CORRECTLY and SLOWLY into your routine to avoid a skin reaction and get the best results for your skin.  

● strengthens ● nourishes ● soothes ● calms ● strengthens ● nourishes ● soothes ● calms ● strengthens ● nourishes ● soothes ● calms

How to use the IMD bottle correctly?

With airless pump packaging, you may need to press the pump 10-15 times at first to activate the bottle. But once it starts pumping out, the subsequent pumps will be seamless, we promise. 


How to incorporate IMD into your routine?

Step 1

Start by patch testing IMD by applying a small quantity (½ a pump) on the jawline or the skin in front of the ear twice on the first day (morning and night). If there is no adverse reaction for the next 24 hours, then you’re good to go! 

Step 2

For the next 4-5 days, you can use 1-2 pumps of IMD (depending on your skin type and needs) in your PM routine. As the last step in your PM routine, we recommend dispensing the moisturiser by pumping directly on your skin and spreading it evenly all over your face and neck.

Step 3

If your skin has taken well to using IMD in the PM routine, you can start including it as the last step (before sunscreen) in your usual AM as well to seal all your skincare actives and strengthen the skin barrier. 




Never start using 2 new products at the same time. Your skin needs time to adapt to a product and if you incorporate more than 1 product at the same time, it could overwhelm your skin barrier and result in an adverse skin reaction. Only after you have used one product for at least 7-10 days without facing any skin reaction, should you start patch testing the second product. 


How to layer IMD with actives?



IMD can safely and suitably be combined with every single active ingredient. It’s in fact recommended to use IMD with other active ingredients to proactively protect your skin barrier against any damage or irritation. However, if you have a damaged barrier we recommend using IMD as a stand alone product until you heal and repair your barrier, before including actives in your skincare routine again. 



Because IMD is lipid rich and packed with ceramides, we don’t recommend you combine this product with any other ceramide product. We also suggest not combining anything too occlusive with IMD, and in case you are, then ensure you use a good cleanser in PM routine to deeply clean your pores to avoid any skin congestion.

How much IMD to use?

Due to a high dosage of barrier lipids in IMD, a little goes a long way with IMD. So, it is important to start SLOW and with LITTLE amount, and work your way upwards to using more product. 

You can start using IMD in the quantity given below and then add/layer as per your skin preference:

dry skin

Start by using 2 PUMPS

Oily skin

Start by using just 1 PUMP

combination skin

Start by using 1.5 PUMPS


Can IMD be used throughout the year?


IMD can be used all year round! Its lightweight texture makes it the perfect fit for summers and monsoon. During winters, you may use 3-4 pumps to provide that extra nourishment your skin is looking for! 

Why does the IMD bottle feel so lightweight?

When you receive your IMD bottle, it may feel like it’s empty or half-full but this is because we use airless pump packaging and we intended the bottle to be this lightweight to make it travel-friendly. However, for your satisfaction, you can take a kitchen weighing scale and weigh the bottle. If the bottle weighs 90 grams or more, it’s full and you need not worry!


How long do I need to use IMD to witness a difference in my skin?


IMD is a barrier building/ repairing moisturiser, and barriers are not rebuilt in a day :) 

IMD will not show you immediate or overnight results. But your skin will feel well nourished and soft to touch, without any greasiness.  Over time you’ll notice the health of your skin is elevated, and your barrier is healthy and protected. You will notice your skin not drying up or losing excessive water.

If you have irritated skin or inflammation, you can expect instant soothing and cooling of the skin upon using IMD. For skin with no major concerns, IMD is a protective and maintenance product that will prevent your skin barrier from being damaged while keeping it deeply nourished all year round.

How do I know if IMD is over?



Grab a kitchen weighing scale.



Place IMD bottle on the scale with the cap on.

If it weighs less than 52 grams, then it's time to order your next bottle as you may run out in about 2 weeks time!