Before you dive into using unkissed, we request you to follow the below instructions carefully and we promise you a wonderful journey with unkissed!

Trying a new product can be exciting but it’s very important to incorporate it CORRECTLY into your routine to avoid a skin reaction and to get the best results for your skin. 

● no white-cast ● easy to spread ● cooling and hydrating ● serum texture ● no white-cast ● easy to spread ● cooling and hydrating ● serum texture ● no white-cast ● easy to spread ● cooling and hydrating ● serum texture

How to incorporate unkissed into your routine?


Start by patch testing unkissed by applying a small quantity (1/4 pump) on the jawline or the skin in front of the ear. Apply and keep for 24 hours, and then check if there is any adverse reaction on that patch of skin. If all’s good, you can start using unkissed in your routine.


Use it as the last step in your AM routine.


Make sure your hands are dry. Dispense 1 full pump of unkissed (enough to cover the full face and front of your neck) and evenly spread it over the entire area.



Why does unkissed feel tacky/ oily on the skin?


Upon application, unkissed immediately feels very moist, hydrating, and nourishing to the skin. It will feel wet for the first 5 mins of application. Ensure you’re applying it on a thin layer all over the exposed parts of your face, and wherever you feel it's wet keep dabbing on that spot for the skin to dry down, but try not to rub it around too much. Once fully dried down (in 15-20 mins), it settles into a normal to satin finish on the skin, depending on your skin type. Hence, ensure that you apply unkissed at least 20 minutes before stepping out for a natural finish.

Why is unkissed pilling on my skin?


Pilling can occur because of various reasons like:

  1. The order in which all the rest of your skincare products in the routine are applied. The general rule of thumb is to apply from the lightest to the heaviest.
  2. Difference in the formulation of the products - water-based and oil-based products do not mix well together. You can take a look at the ingredient list to understand the basic formulation of a product.
  3. Layering too many products without giving enough time for each product to dry before applying the next.

Best practices to avoid pilling:

  1. Ensure your serums and moisturisers go well together without pilling, and you give them enough dry down time.
  2. Definitely do not apply your sunscreen while the face is still damp from your moisturiser. Apply sunscreen only on a fully dry face.
  3. Apply sunscreen in thin layers, and don't let any area of the face be clumpy with too much product.
  4. Apply your makeup products also, only once sunscreen has dried down on your face fully.

If I have sensitive eyes, how should I apply unkissed?


If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend not applying unkissed beyond the orbital bone on your face. The orbital bone is the hollow area under your eyes, and the upper part of your cheekbones.

We also strongly suggest that after you have applied unkissed to wash your hands with soap and water. Oftentimes it’s the leftover sunscreen on our fingers that leads to eye irritation when eyes are casually rubbed during the day.

Another tip is to dab some loose setting powder under your eyes after you have applied sunscreen, to ensure that the sunscreen does not move around in that area of the face.

How to reapply unkissed?


We recommend reapplying your sunscreen throughout the day depending on the degree of your outdoor exposure.

If reapplying over makeup, please work in small quantities and gently pat on the sunscreen instead of swiping it on the face.You can even use a beauty blender to seamlessly dab the sunscreen on your face.

Why do I feel heat on my skin after applying unkissed?


The sunscreen filters in unkissed are in capsules so when you massage it on the face these capsules burst and a tiny amount of heat is released. Sunscreen filters work by absorbing light energy and releasing heat. You may feel this immediately upon application, but it goes away in a few minutes. Just know that THIS IS NORMAL, no need to panic. Some days we don’t even feel it, and some days if your skin is extra sensitive you might feel it. Some people may never feel it too. Just pat your skin wherever you feel it, and that should do.

What is the expiry date of unkissed?


The expiry date of the sunscreen is 24 months from the date of manufacturing but it should be used within 8 months of opening / you receiving the product.

The colour of unkissed has changed from when I first opened the bottle. Is there any issue with the sunscreen?


unkissed gets its unique blueish colour from a combination of extracts used in the formula, but predominantly the Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) Fruit Extract is what gives the formula this blue hue.

There are no artificial or synthetic colouring agents used, and hence the colour may slightly differ from batch to batch of production, and the colour may also change with usage because natural extracts are prone to colour changes with time. But this does not affect the efficacy of the sunscreen and it is good to be used till 8 months after the bottle is first opened.

How to store the unkissed bottle?

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Don’t store the bottle in direct sunlight

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Don’t store the bottle in extreme temperatures

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Keep away from any moisture.

How do I know unkissed is over?

Step 1


Grab a kitchen weighing scale.

Step 2


Place unkissed bottle on the scale with the cap on.

If it weighs less than 52 grams, then it's time to order your next bottle as you may run out in about 2 weeks time!