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If you’re using both Hustle and IMD for the very first time, then this is for you :)

How to incorporate the Treat and Repair Duo in my skincare routine?

When incorporating more than one new product in your routine from a new brand, it’s important to take it slow and ease your skin into these products. We recommend the following steps to start incorporating the Treat & Repair Duo into your routine:

1. Start with using Hustle alone first, in your PM (night time) routine.

2. Start with patch testing half a pump on your jawline on the first night. See how your skin has taken to it the next morning. If you see no adverse reaction, then you’re good to go.

3. Second night onwards you can take 1-2 pumps of Hustle and gently spread it all over your face and neck. You can follow this up with any of your existing moisturisers (if you have). Do this for 6 days.

4. On the 7th night, you can patch test IMD similarly on your jawline. After you’ve used Hustle, take 1 pump of IMD and apply it on your jawline. Check the next morning if there is any adverse reaction. If you see none, you’re good to go!

5. From the 8th night onwards, you can incorporate IMD into your normal routine. Depending on your skin type and needs, take 1-3 pumps (or as needed) and spread them all over your face and neck, post Hustle. Follow this for another 7 days.

6. After your skin has adequately gotten used to both products, you can now use BOTH products twice a day, in the AM (day time) routine as well as the PM (night time) routine.

The above suggested routines are by way of abundant caution and to ensure you don’t face any adverse reactions. If you have robust skin, and are used to using multiple actives and other skincare products before then you can tweak the above routine to suit your needs and lessen the time period suggested to “ease-in” the products into your routine.

Both products are suitable to be applied on dry and damp skin. You don’t have to wait too long to apply IMD after you’ve applied Hustle.

Below is the order in which you can use the products:

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