Before you start using Hustle, we request you to have some patience and follow the instructions carefully and we promise you a wonderful journey with Hustle!

Trying a new product can be exciting but it’s very important to incorporate it CORRECTLY and SLOWLY into your routine to avoid a skin reaction and get the best results for your skin. 

● protects ● repairs ● nourishes ● brightens ● protects ● repairs ● nourishes ● brightens ● protects ● repairs ● nourishes ● brightens

How to incorporate Hustle into your routine?

Step 1

Start by patch testing Hustle by applying a small quantity (½ a pump) on the jawline or the skin in front of the ear twice on the first day (morning & night). If there is no adverse reaction in the next 24 hours, then you’re good to go! 

Step 2

For the next 4-5 days, you can use 1-2 pumps of Hustle post-cleansing in your PM routine. We recommend dispensing the serum by pumping it directly on your skin and spreading it evenly all over your face and neck. It can be used on a slightly damp or a dry face. Make sure you don’t rub the serum too much between your palms or on your face, gently swipe and pat for absorption. 

Step 3

If your skin has taken well to using Hustle in the PM routine, you can start including it as the second step (after cleanser) in your usual AM as well. 



Recommended Routine

Hustle has been formulated with over 11 active ingredients to give your skin a 360-degree treatment in just 1 step. While the formulation is extremely gentle and soothing, we recommend using Hustle in a very minimal routine in the beginning to see how it works for your skin. We suggest this to all our customers to help them gauge Hustle’s efficacy best, and because Hustle is so high on actives, you really don't need too many other products in your routine. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Never start using two new products at the same time. Your skin needs time to adapt to a product and if you incorporate more than 1 product at the same time, it could overwhelm your skin barrier and result in an adverse skin reaction. Only after you have used one product for at least 7-10 days without facing any skin reaction, should you start patch testing the second product. 


How to layer Hustle with actives?

If you want to layer other actives with Hustle, then please be mindful that some actives work very well with Hustle and some actives are advised against layering with Hustle. Here are some handy layering tips: 

Actives that should be avoided with Hustle

Vitamin C


Hustle already contains 3 derivatives of Vitamin C. A very high concentration of Vitamin C may not be tolerated well by your skin, so we do not recommend layering Vitamin C with Hustle



Hustle already contains 5% Niacinamide. If you combine Hustle with another Niacinamide product make sure that the overall percentage does not exceed 10%, or it might result in skin flushing & irritation.

Facial Oils


Hustle already contains a small % of botanical oils, therefore additional oils may not always layer well with Hustle. While some can tolerate this combination, many can't! So when in doubt, always patch test and proceed.

Actives that work well with Hustle



Hustle contains barrier-fortifying ingredients like Niacinamide (5%) & Birch Sap Juice (60%). This combined with other skin-nourishing ingredients in Hustle such as Panthenol, Squalane, & Ferment Extracts, really help minimise any skin irritation/ dryness you may experience with Retinol.

Exfoliating Acids


Exfoliating acids bring down the pH of your skin to 3.5 or under, following up with Hustle works out great because Hustle will help rebalance your skin pH back to its natural state.

Azelaic Acid


Azelaic Acid performs like a mild exfoliant (AHAs) and is also a powerful antioxidant. Usually formulated at a pH of 5+-, this works well with Hustle. Some people who use prescription Azelaic Acid find it hard to tolerate this above 10% concentrations, as there might be mild irritation induced. Hustle takes care of that and combats this irritation, and also helps it perform better by maximising its antioxidant properties.

Can Hustle be used throughout the year?


Hustle is an extremely intuitive formulation which can be used in all weather conditions throughout the year! Be it the sweaty summers, the humid monsoons or the dry winters - Hustle will adapt, rather help your skin adapt throughout all seasons.

Just keep it in a cool, dark place during summers. 

What are the ways in which I can use Hustle?


Here are a few hacks that can help you get the best out of Hustle:


Hustle can be used to treat specific areas of your skin, be it a small rough patch, dehydrated skin patch, peeling skin or active acne. All you need to do is take half a pump of Hustle on your finger and dab dab dab on the specific area.

depuff the under eyes

Keep Hustle in the fridge overnight or near your AC. In the morning, take one pump on your ring finger and spread over your orbital bone under the eye. Voila! Instantly de-puffed and plumped under-eyes.

Here are a few hacks that can help you get the best out of Hustle:

mix with your make-up products

You can mix Hustle with your foundation for a dewy base, with your powder blush or even your highlighter and turn regular make-up into skincare.

mix with your moisture

You can mix Hustle with your foundation for a dewy base, with your powder blush or even your highlighter and turn regular make-up into skincare.

How long do I need to use Hustle to witness a difference in my skin?


While skincare is very subjective and it is difficult to tell how much time it will take for a product to work for your skin, here's a simple timeline based on the previous experiences of our customers:

Deeply hydrated and plump skin

3-4 days
Reduction in active acne bumps and inflammation upon spot treatment

4-6 weeks
Brightened, even-toned, bouncy and supple skin

6-12 weeks
Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

Skincare is very subjective and the best way to understand how a product is working for you is to closely monitor your skin whenever you start something new. So, we highly recommend taking a photo of your bare face before you start using Hustle and then take follow-up photos at the 2-week, 4-week and 8-week mark to gauge how your skin is changing.

How do I know if Hustle is over?

The pump of the bottle can be unscrewed to check how much product is left in the bottle.