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Hustler Skincare Series: A page from Joanna's skincare diaries

We interviewed d'you's first Hustler, Joanna Huang and made her spill some beans on her skincare tips, best practices, preferences and go-tos. A summary of her answers is below👇

Name: Joanna Huang, Age: 35, Skin Type: Combination but more oily

What’s been your biggest skin concern, if any? Controlling acne breakouts, managing combination-oily skin and radiance / glow!

Did you always have good / healthy skin or did you work your way towards it? I had to work my way towards it, especially after adult acne broke me out in my mid-20s. I had a lot of scarring, constant break-outs, no skincare regime, nothing! I tried many things over the years - over and above my basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine - and now I feel a lot more confident with ingredients, layering and adjusting my regime when necessary. And the results have been fab!

How many steps do you have in your current skincare routine? My AM routine is about 6-7 steps and my PM routine is 6 steps. I also mask & exfoliate once or twice a week!

If you could only pick 2 skincare steps which 2 would they be? Cleansing + Moisturizing

Which is your favourite skincare ingredient? Hyaluronic Acid!

Have you ever gone by days without any skincare? Yes, especially at night when I'm feeling lazy or just slept off (without makeup though!)

Do you have an indulgent approach to skincare or a minimalist approach? Minimalist! I find the idea of too many products taxing and time-consuming. So I prefer to a few steps that are simple, quick and effective!

What do you love most about your skin? I think my skin isn't very sensitive to most products / ingredients - which is great as I rarely break out or react to products!

Top 3 all-time favourite product recommendations? Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, Clinique Moisture Surge and Jo Malone London Vit E Lip Conditioner

1 skincare product / trend you couldn’t care for / is useless in your opinion? Sheet Masks!

Which celebrity’s beauty cabinet would you like to go through? Jennifer Lopez

Your favourite thing about Hustle?  Its versatility, the light-weight texture, how hydrated, plump and incredibly nourished my skin feels after!
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