Hustle was designed to be a one-bottle solution for all your skincare needs. It contains every essential vitamin your skin needs plus hydrating humectants, and nourishing emollients. But if you still want to include other active ingredients in your routine and don’t know how to pair them with Hustle, we have you covered. 

Layering Hustle with Niacinamide

Hustle contains 5% Niacinamide, which is a clinically tested and recommended dosage for effective results and a lot of your skincare products probably contain Niacinamide in tiny doses: 1-2%. That makes the total % of Niacinamide on your skin already upwards of 6%, which is more than enough as per clinically recommended dosage to see benefits from this ingredient. 

So, we definitely recommend not to combine single ingredient Niacinamide serums along with Hustle. If you wish to finish some existing Niacinamide serums then by all means use them on alternate routines with Hustle, but never together.

Layering Hustle with Retinol

Hustle contains Niacinamide which is a skin barrier fortifying ingredient, and pairs very well with Retinol. This combined with the other skin nourishing ingredients in Hustle, such as Panthenol, Birch Sap, Ferment Extracts, Squalane, and Glycerine help minimise  any side effects you may experience with Retinol usage such as excessive dry and peeling skin. 

One would think with so many active ingredients in Hustle, how can it be combined with the king of all skincare ingredients - Retinol. We kid you not but this is a fantastic god-sent pairing. Hustle compliments Retinol so well, it helps mitigate all the side effects you see with even prescription retinol products. This is the perfect pairing for your PM skincare routines.

If your retinol product is a serum then add that BEFORE Hustle, and if it’s a cream based product add that AFTER Hustle. Either way it’ll work like magic.

Layering with AHAs and BHAs

Hustle’s pH of 5.1 is very crucial in how Hustle can be safely paired with all your exfoliating acids. Our skin’s natural pH is between 4.7 to 5.5 and Hustle’s pH of 5.1 is perfectly in-between and extremely skin friendly. When exfoliating acids bring down the pH of your skin to 3.5 or under, following up with Hustle works out great because Hustle will help rebalance your skin pH back to its natural state.

So, first treat your skin with an exfoliating product. Then apply Hustle after waiting for 5-7 minutes on a dry face. 

Layering Hustle with Vitamin C

Since Hustle already contains 3 types of Vitamin C derivatives, plus a potent dose of more antioxidants in the formulation you don’t require more Vitamin C on your skin while using Hustle. L-Ascorbic acid is very acidic with a pH of under 3.4, so it’s tolerated by very few people. If it suits you and you wish to continue using it then do so in alternate routines with Hustle.

We recommend that you start using Hustle on it’s own for a month and see how your skin behaves. Thereafter, add or supplement more products/ ingredients as per what your skin craves/ requires. First, start on its own then adjust as per skin’s requirements. Hustle was made so you don’t damage your barrier with MULTIPLE products in your routine. So take advantage of that and go live your best life!

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