Now that we are well into January, and all the heavy-weight resolutions are out of the way here are some super simple skincare resolutions that you can start doing TODAY to elevate your skincare game in 2021. We are keeping this really simple for y’all, so no excuses to not follow through. 

  1. You will get proactive, not reactive in protecting your barrier!

Heard the old adage, prevention is better than cure? Never truer than in the case of your skin barrier. The skin barrier is your one true knight in shining armor against all of the external stimuli. It’s the literal first line of defense against every bacterium, germ, pathogen that attacks your skin. Damaging your barrier is like throwing a nuke in a forest. It will set a cascade of skin issues one after another – constant breakouts, bumpy texture, inflamed and red skin, itchy skin, increased sensitivity, atopic dermatitis. Why? Because once the barrier is damaged, your skin is like an open wound for all external attacks and even your skincare products feel like weapons attacking your skin instead of healing products, which is their actual intended use. An intact skin barrier ensures the skin is self-regulating and healing itself.

Your skin barrier is a complex structure with many layers. The one you should be most concerned about is – the Stratum Corneum (the topmost layer of the Epidermis). Just remember 3 things to keep a healthy skin barrier:

  • Don’t repeatedly imbalance the pH of your barrier. This means not using too many acidic (pH under 4.5) products all at once.
  • Don’t use physically abrasive products or devices on your skin that create microtears on your skin.
  • Incorporate barrier fortifying ingredients in your routines on the daily. Such as – niacinamide, ceramides, panthenol, essential fatty acids, squalene, triglycerides, cholesterol, Natural Moisturizing Factors etc. 
  1. You will approach skincare in moderation.

Can 2021 be the year we stop over-cleansing, over-exfoliating, over usage of actives or just plain over indulgence? Mindful consumption should be at the forefront now more than ever!

 But let’s talk science here for a second – do you know what over cleansing is actually doing to your face? Besides imbalancing the pH of your skin barrier over cleansing your skin removes some essential lipids / oils from your skin surface. These natural lipids / oils on your skin are super necessary in regulating your skin’s Trans Epidermal Water Loss. There is water constantly leaving your skin surface, and these lipids provide a sealing coat on your skin to prevent the loss of this water. Over cleansing leads to these lipids being washed away and an increase in TEWL which is a sure shot way to give yourself induced dehydrated skin.

 Over exfoliating is another obsession with shedding away your dead skin. But here’s the kicker – those dead skin cells TOO have a role to play in your skin health regulation. Periodic shedding away of dead skin cells is fantastic, but over shedding of dead skin cells is literally like leaving your skin without any protective cover. Your Stratum Corneum is not a layer of just dead skin, it is very much alive! And what really is the point of gnawing at live tissue again and again? Your Stratum Corneum does some very important functions like immune surveillance and response, antimicrobial functions, and antioxidant protection. The SC has the ability to detect subtle changes in its own hydration status, i.e. function as its own biosensor, and thus maintains functional integrity and the overall appearance of healthy skin.

 So in essence, over exfoliation and over doing of anything is going to lead to you defying resolution #1. Scroll up. 

  1. You will swear by sunscreen.

Seriously, it’s still not too late if you haven’t jumped on the sunscreen bandwagon. If you spent the last decade of your life not wearing sunscreen reversing that damage is going to take another decade. But you can stop this catch 22 and just start wearing sunscreen from right this second. It’s not a joke when we say every skincare product in your routine is a waste of money if you’re not wearing sunscreen. Sun damage pretty much reverses any benefits your other skincare products are providing to your skin. So if you start wearing sunscreen you will automatically see how much better your skin starts to respond to your other products. 

  1. You will incorporate antioxidants in your everyday routine.

Antioxidants are not only the best companion for your sunscreen but also your biggest anti-aging ally. Antioxidants are your unlocked secret key to younger looking skin. Your skin is constantly fighting free radicals on your skin surface. These free radicals are highly unstable molecules because they are missing an electron in their structure. So their unstability creates a havoc on the skin surface and this havoc causes serious damage to your skin. Dull, damaged, textured skin is a result of the free radicals causing oxidative stress and damage on the skin. How do antioxidants help this situation? Antioxidants neutralise these free radicals and eliminate the oxidative stress from the skin. Using antioxidants everyday will truly give you an evened textured, glowing skin after a consistent usage.

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