Hustle + in my defence + eyes & shine
Hustle + in my defence + eyes & shine
Hustle + in my defence + eyes & shine

Hustle + in my defence + eyes & shine

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Bringing to you our full-house bundle with Hustle, in my defence (IMD) and eyes & shine for complete skin treatment and nourishment.

Hustle will gently treat your skin with over 11 potent active ingredients and IMD will repair and fortify your barrier to keep it at its healthiest best. On the other hand, eyes & shine will help you get the best out of your existing skincare stash. This bundle is listed for a limited time at the best cost saving price.

Hustle: Containing everything from Niacinamide to Vitamin C, Panthenol to Peptides, and antioxidants to Ferment extracts, Hustle is a true multitasker that treats all skin concerns ranging from uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, dullness, dehydration, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. It is truly a one bottle solution for all your skin concerns!

in my defence: Formulated with 1% ceramides (20x higher than industry standards), IMD is a barrier building ceramide moisturiser that repairs and fortifies your skin barrier from within. A healthy barrier is necessary for your skin to be able to tolerate any active or treatment ingredients. So, use IMD to keep your barrier healthy and get the best results out of your skincare routine. 

eyes & shine: Made with medical grade silicone, the eye patches enhance the performance of any skincare products you already have. They act as an occlusive sealant on your skin and amplify the effect of any skincare you use under it. 

Quick tip: If you are dealing with rough or dry patches anywhere on your face, just apply Hustle or IMD and put the eye patches on top of that skin surface for 10-15 mins for super nourished and hydrated skin! 

Please note that the expiry date for batch number 2A001 of Hustle is January 4, 2024 and for batch number 2G002 of Hustle is July 27, 2024. 

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  • Pregnancy & lactation safe

  • Vegan and cruelty-free

  • 360-degree skin treatment

  • Reasons to love Hustle + IMD + eyes & shine

    Reasons to love
    Hustle + IMD + eyes & shine

    Treat Looks cute Nourish Hydrates Treat Looks cute Nourish Hydrates Treat Looks cute Nourish Hydrates

    How to use

    Take one pump of Hustle/ IMD on your ring finger and dab it on the under-eye area (on the orbital bone). Don’t use too much product as that will cause the eye patches to slide down. Wait for 10-20 seconds after applying the product till it gets slightly tacky. Put the eye patches on top for at least 10-20 minutes. Once done, peel and witness plump and hydrated under eyes!

    Store the eye patches in the freezer overnight and pop them under your eyes in the morning with Hustle for instant depuffing of the eyes.

    How to care for them

    Wash them with water and soap after every use and pat dry with a towel. Once dry, store them flat inside the tin box. That’s it!